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Elicitra: Integrated French network promoting the strategy of plant resistance induction by elicitors through research, training and development


Agriculture must face challenging and apparently contradictory issues: becoming both competitive and sustainable. The current reduction plan of pesticide use, occurring throughout Europe, must therefore be accompanied by the development of efficient environmentally friendly methods in crop protection. Among them, the enhancement of plant defence mechanisms by elicitor treatments is one of the most promising strategies and has become a major topic of current research.

Elicitra Network 

Elicitra is a French network co-animated by ARVALIS-Institut du vegetal, Vegenov and INRA. Its main mission consists in promoting plant protection by induced resistance through research, training and development. This network is dedicated to a large range of plant productions: field crops, vegetable, fruits, vine, ornamental plants and medicinal plants. It includes partners from public research, technical institutes, universities, agricultural colleges, various actors of the crop industries and competitive clusters. By bringing together various partners with different skills ranging from field to lab and from research to training, the understanding and development of this alternative approach is accelerated.

Elicitra is supported and financed by the French ministry of agriculture. It was launched in 2011 and will work until 2018.

Main Results (2010-2013)

Network & communication

Scientific & technical results

Impact on research

  • Reorientation of public research priority
  • A list of research priority (based on an exhaustive work about plants diseases and elicitation potential progress)
  • New research projects

Next objectives (2014-2018)

During the next 4 years, Elicitra will keep on working about sharing results, communication and research with 5 main axes: assessment of new elicitors, plant response to elicitor, application condition, elicitor in IPM and agro ecology, unintended effects.
Elicitra is an open network: contribution and exchange with elicitor actor (in France and abroad) are welcome.